Mab's Drawlloween Club 2020

I decided to participate Mab’s Drawlloween Club hosted by Mab Graves for this year’s #drawtober! All about spooky spirits!



Kappa is a classic aquatic yokai in Japanese folklore who loves cucumbers and wrestling sumo (and occasionally drowning people..). There are many kappa stories in my hometown.


水の妖怪といえばカッパ!地元にもたくさん河童伝説がたくさん残っています。「きれいになったら かえります カッパ」


Late night screen time, squirrel wars in the hood, sad news, stay home life… A part of my 2020 spooky apothecary shelf would look like this. Oh and Autumn 2020 is out of stock.




I had never heard about “Fresno Nightcrawlers” before. Super spooky!

 Witch & Pumpkin

“Fly with me, Jack-o’-lanterns!”


“Ugh should’ve got off work earlier”