Childhood Week

Childhoodweek is an event created by Beatrice Blue to bring up nice memories and turn them into stories to share with everyone.

I joined to challenge myself to draw more full-page illustrations with characters.


“I promise to do homework before playing video games”.

This is the probably the fist contract that I had.


Nothing beats the fresh bread from bakery in the morning. This 104 years-old local bakery in my hometown  is the best bakery in my life.


One summer, my sister and I were tasked to bathe all our 6 cats…


I used to play volleyball in elementary. I wasn’t good at sports in general but this taught me the importance of team play.


Stormy after school sucks. But earlier I run back home, longer I can play before supper time. Also I can get to forget about the weather outside!


Mosquitoes are absolutely everywhere in summer. I felt protected by the power of good ol’ mosquito coil all the time.

“Summer Little Me”

It gets really hot in my hometown and it is on the mountain slope… that means every destination is up on the hill. I couldn’t resist the cool tree shades to take a break even though we are so close to the destination.