Transmundane Tuesdays

Transmundane Tuesdays is a weekly creative challenge organized by artist Carson Ellis.

Every Tuesday she chooses three prompts that describe a creature at random and posted them on Instagram for people to draw.

Transmundane means existing outside of the physical or visible world and I’ve been enjoying this assignment to explore new creative subjects and narratives.


Has fins & gills + wearing a crown + arms akimbo

Not so impressed mermaid.


Is ursine + wearing a garland of flowers + painting a landscape

“Winter getaway — stay home edition”


Is partly invisible + wearing glasses + singing a bewitching song

Ghost karaoke! Boooo all night! 

Is elfin + is very old + wearing a crown

The elf king: “Maybe it’s time for a makeover..”

エルフの王様: そろそろイメチェン時かな。

Is canine + sweeping the floor + wearing sneakers

Guitar broom! This was literally me back in the elementary school. Sweeping outdoor was always fun “cleaning” .


Giant + wearing a lot of jewelry + holding a cat

A cat lady during the ice age got to hang out with sabertooth tigers — so jealous!


Wearing rags + lives underground + singing a bewitching song

Even wolves are quiet tonight. It’s my turn to sing to the moon.


Wearing a fur coat + carrying a bundle of sticks + glows

“I ain’t no ordinary stick bug. It’s time to stick out!”.