First Impression Idioms Project

English is my second language and I’ve encountered many English idioms that surprised me with unexpected meanings. 

First Impression Idioms is an ongoing personal project that illustrates my initial impression of idioms and celebrates the fun journey of learning a new language.




First Impression Idiomsは、私が抱いたイディオムの第一印象を描くと共に、新たな言語を学ぶ楽しさを伝える、自主制作プロジェクトです(随時更新中)。

No.1 – “Picking Your Brain”

First time I heard this idiom, because I didn’t know what it meant, I got instant flashbacks from Hannibal and magpies pecking my brain for snacks (they eat anything!) The worst first impression. Even now, I feel my brain sweating every time someone asks me.



初めてイディオム “Picking your brain (知恵を借りる)” を聞いた時の印象はとてつもなく恐ろしかったです。


No.2 – “Elephant in the Room”

It was during a meeting when someone said that. Wait, what elephant? I literally looked around the room and I thought I was the only one who was not seeing it.



“Elephant in the room (見て見ぬふり)”


No.3- “Speak of the Devil”

Did I accidentally summon a demon? I found the Japanese version more scary. “If you speak of someone, their shadow will appear.” 


“Speak of the devil (噂をすれば(影)”


No.4 – “Under the Weather”

What? We are always under the sky..? The origin of this idiom is from the fact that sick sailors would be sent below deck to protect them from the weather. It’s also a cold/flu season. If you are feeling sick, don’t push. Rest up. Take care everyone! 



“Under the weather (体調不良)”



No.5 – “Make Ends Meet”

Every time I hear this idiom, a dachshund is chasing his tail in my mind.


“Make ends meet (やりくりする)”